UNL Patient Story: How Counseling Changed My Life

My friends and family nagged me for years about seeing a therapist for suspected depression and ADHD but I convinced myself that I didn’t really need to because either 1) things couldn’t be that bad and 2) if I did have these claimed issues they would eventually work themselves out with a little time.

Years passed and one day I ended up hitting rock bottom. By rock bottom, I mean every day for several months I fought a battle with myself in search of a single motivation to get out bed and continue living.

Nowadays I refer to this time period in my life as my “dark days” because it feels like a gaping hole of my life is just missing. The only thing I really remember was that most of my nonworking days were spent alone in my bed, always very fatigued and often weeping. I just couldn’t find any motivation to do anything or even be around anybody (including family and friends).

In one of my rare non-energy-depleted days, I spontaneously decided to follow a small spark of hope. That is, I randomly decided to take out a loan in order to go to college. After about a year, I very slowly, without professional help, began to integrate back into the real world. The transition was difficult throughout college. I would sometimes still feel myself attempting to slip back into severe prolonged negative-thinking, a life-depleting habit that developed in my “dark days.”

The fear of falling back into blackness became so intense soon after beginning graduate school that it finally motivated me to take action. I decided to finally give mental health services a try by meeting with a professional at the University Health Center Counseling and Psychological Services.

After 7 months of treatment, the only thing I have to say is that I really wish I had seen someone much earlier. I have noticed my general motivation, work productivity, and both social as well as overall health have improved. For example, prior to treatment I very regularly suffered from migraines and poor quality of sleep. Now not only do I feel much more rested in the morning, but I rarely get even small headaches.

The mental health treatment I received here has literally changed my life, in the most positive respects. Thanks so much for providing these services and for maintaining a genuinely caring staff!


University Health Center Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
1500 U Street

CAPS offers a variety of services to help students with: Anxiety and Depression, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, Relationship Difficulties, Eating Disorders, Sexuality Concerns, Communication Skills, Homesickness, Time Management, Learning Disabilities / ADD, Diversity Concerns, Grief and Trauma, Social Justice Issues, and Other Personal Concerns.

Individual, Confidential Counseling – Every UNL student who has paid UNL student fees receives 3 free counseling sessions. Call to schedule your appointment.

Support and Therapy Groups – View the group listing at: http://health.unl.edu/caps/groups. Most groups are free for UNL students and many allow students to “drop-in” at any time throughout the semester.



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