Alcohol and Other Drug Resources for UNL Students

The University Health Center now offers a variety of services to help students who are struggling with unhealthy alcohol behaviors.

Alcohol Online Self-Assessment

Have you questioned whether you have a drinking problem?
Take our survey and find out if you would benefit from CAPS resources.


BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students) is a preventative alcohol abuse intervention program designed specifically for college students. BASICS is conducted over the course of two 50-minute interviews. These brief and focused interventions prompt students to be aware of their drinking patterns. The first session gathers information about the student’s use via brief surveys and an interview with a clinician. A second session provides the student with personalized feedback from the findings that helps them explore their personal values and beliefs.

The intent is to increase awareness of behaviors and assist students in making adaptive changes in their decisions with alcohol. There may be recommendations provided to the
student, but the sessions are conducted from a collaborative and non-judgmental approach.

CASICS (Cannabis Screening and Intervention of College Students) is also offered. CASICS is specifically designed to address issues related to marijuana use.

There is a charge for BASICS and CASICS. For pricing information, visit: or call (402) 472-7450.

Substance Use Evaluations

This service utilizes a thorough interview and testing of a person’s drinking and drug use for the purpose of making formal recommendations about the possible need for treatment.  The court system often requires an evaluation of a person with legal charges related to alcohol and drug related offenses. CAPS can conduct evaluations and assist the student in finding treatment options that will suit their needs. CAPS is also happy to provide referrals to outside mental health providers who conduct evaluations.

There is a charge for a substance use evaluation. For pricing, visit: or call (402) 472-7450.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling sessions are available through CAPS for students who struggle with unhealthy alcohol behaviors. CAPS offers a safe, confidential place where a student can slow down, think out loud, get support and start finding solutions.

Every student receives their first four counseling sessions for no charge.
Note: Our clinic does not provide individual therapy services for students who are required by law (outside of campus related violations and charges) to seek treatment for a legal offense. However, CAPS can assist in finding resources to meet your needs.

Alcohol & Drug Harm Reduction Group

CAPS provides a free weekly group for students who want to make better decisions about their alcohol and/or drug use. It is not Alcoholics Anonymous or treatment.  Abstinence is not required to attend the group. It is a place where a student can speak honestly about their current use and get feedback without feeling judged or pressured to change.

For current group details, visit:

Alcoholics Anonymous

CAPS is happy to provide recommendations and meeting schedules for Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, and other support groups in the Lincoln community.

Alcoholics Anonymous:
Narcotics Anonymous:

Student Mentors

CAPS can provide the names and phone numbers of students who currently attend UNL and are dedicated to helping others with alcohol-related and drug-related difficulties. They are willing to candidly answer questions about the challenges and benefits of being sober while attending a major university. Student mentors are a valuable resource regarding sober lifestyles and managing stress in a healthy manner. They share their personal experiences of getting and staying sober.

Support for Family and Friends Affected by a Loved One’s Substance Use

Students, parents, and faculty are encouraged to call CAPS to discuss problems they may be facing pertaining to a loved one’s substance use issues. These counselors can help you assess, intervene, and provide treatment options on and off campus.

Upcoming: Campus Recovery Community

Counseling and Psychological Services has received a grant from Transforming Youth Recovery and is implementing a program to provide support, services, and activities specifically for students who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Anticipated facets to the community include support groups, social activities, sober housing, and providing alcohol and drug education outreach on campus. 

To schedule an appointment for any of these services, or if you have any questions, Call (402) 472-7450 OR Stop by the University Health Center, Room 213


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