Be Prepared With UNL’s StudentBlue Health Insurance

By Cindi Pickinpaugh, University Health Center patient financial counselor

Getting sick or injured is a part of life. Even if you consider yourself to be a healthy person who rarely has health concerns, you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

How? By having health insurance.

Medical bills can be devastating both financially and mentally, especially if you’re a college student. In some cases, it could even derail your career. Don’t take that gamble!

If you’re a University of Nebraska-Lincoln student and don’t currently have insurance, consider StudentBlue, a health insurance plan by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska that is offered to students taking three credit hours or more.


StudentBlue’s deductible is $500 per policy year. This is incredibly low. It’s likely you won’t find a deductible this affordable by going through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace at

University Health Center Coverage 

Not only that, but the plan covers most University Health Center (UHC) services at 100 percent. That includes everything from routine physicals and health screenings to X-rays and physical therapy. What a great deal!

Off-Campus Coverage

The StudentBlue plan isn’t limited to UHC. It’s also accepted anywhere in the U.S. that accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance. If used outside UHC, your insurance pays 80 percent of the total cost, and you will be responsible for only 20 percent. The maximum out-of-pocket expense you’ll incur is $2,200. That includes the deductible, coinsurance and any copays. Again—great deal!

Prescription Benefits

The plan includes prescription benefits, which are maximized when you use UHC. There’s an unlimited policy year maximum, a $5 copay for generic drugs and $30 copay for brand name drugs. These copays are cheaper than you would find if you visited an off-campus pharmacy.

Dental Benefits

Dental benefits are also included in this plan. At UHC, you’re eligible for two dental check-ups/cleanings per year, covered at 100 percent. Other covered services require a $50 deductible, and coinsurance applies. The policy year maximum is $1,000.

Cost Information

Best of all, the plan has an affordable premium for the coverage offered. Premiums change every fall and spring, so call the UHC insurance and billing department for current costs or other questions: 402.472-7435.

How to Enroll

Open enrollment for the Spring/Summer 2017 coverage period, which runs Jan. 1 through July 31, closes Feb. 6 at midnight.

To enroll, log into your MyRed account. Look for the “Health Insurance” link on your profile page. To enroll dependents, visit You (and dependents if applicable) must re-enroll for each coverage period (Fall and Spring/Summer) that you want StudentBlue.

To learn more about StudentBlue, visit


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