Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer

Take a class. Whether you’re staying in Lincoln for the summer or going home, you can use this time to continue making headway on your degree. Some people prefer to learn in this format since classes are condensed into a shorter period of time and you can focus on just one subject.

Strengthen your relationships. Spending the school year away from old friends and family can be difficult. Even if you’re from town, we’re often so busy it can be hard to keep in touch. Take advantage of this time together to catch up and make some new memories.

Start a new hobby. Hobbies can help you make new friends, reduce stress, and increase positive emotions. Whether you want to learn to knit, code, blog, or play softball, a summer break can be a great time to start a hobby or skill you’ve been dying to try.

Read a book for pleasure. When was the last time you read a book that wasn’t assigned for a class? It can be hard to fit in time for reading for fun during the school year. Use the leisure time you have by the pool to catch up on your book list. The same principle can be applied to movies and/or documentaries. Instead of re-watching The Office for the third time, check out some classic films or a documentary that will expand your worldview on Netflix.

Gain work experience. Getting a summer internship or job in your field of study can be a great resume builder for after graduation. If you don’t have employment lined up yet, even positions in seemingly unrelated fields can have transferable skills. Visit Career Services for tips and tricks on phrasing for your resume.

Whatever your plans, the UHC staff wishes you a safe, happy and healthy summer break!


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