CAPS Staff: Join Us In Recognizing Pride Month

By Kelsey Moran, M.S., Counseling and Psychological Services psychology intern

University Health Center’s Counseling and Psychological Services, Nebraska Medicine and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln value the students, faculty and staff who belong to and support the LGBTQA+ community.

Join us as we recognize National LGBTQA+ Pride Month in June. This is a time to celebrate LGBTQA+ individuals and achievements as well as remember the lives of late members of the community.

On June 28, 1969, the historical Stonewall Riots took place. These riots were led primarily by trans* women of color, which sparked national efforts to advocate for LGBTQA+ rights. Pride included a major shift to memorialize those who had died in the AIDS crisis throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

June 12, 2016, marked the date of the largest terrorist attack in the US since 9/11. The attack at Latinx night at Pulse nightclub in Orlando targeted LGBTQA+ Latinx individuals and resulted in the tragic deaths of 49 people. Pride 2017 remembers those 49 individuals and others who have died, while also celebrating how proud LGBTQA+ people are to be themselves, particularly during a time when LGBTQA+ rights are being challenged by the current political administration.

Pride is an integral part of the LGBTQA+ community and their allies, and it is vital that the significance of Pride is not lost.

Pride month and especially the first anniversary of the Pulse attack may bring up different emotions for people. If people need additional support during this time or want a safe space to talk about their own identities, CAPS is here to help. Our staff work actively to be culturally competent and to create a safe and open environment for students to discuss their identities. Call 402.472.7450 or stop by the University Health Center to schedule an appointment.


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