CAPS Staff: Talk With Us if Recent Events Are Affecting You

By Belinda Hinojos, PhD, provisionally licensed psychologist and Latinx outreach specialist

Philando Castile = No conviction.

Swastika painted on Haymarket building.

17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque.

U.K. Police Investigating Van Attack in London as Terrorism.

These were headlines featured on our news feeds this past weekend. With these headlines comes a flood of emotions: sadness, anger, helplessness, some desensitization and even fear.

Fear and threats to safety can drive anxiety, causing us to isolate, be hypervigilant of our surroundings and experience numbness, apathy and anger, all of which have long-term consequences on our emotional, psychological and physical health.

Counseling and Psychological Services recognizes that Nebraska students may be struggling to wrap their minds around the many emotions they are experiencing. We understand this affects all students, but it uniquely affects those from communities directly impacted by these events, especially their sense of safety. We remind students that we are available to sit and talk with you about how you are being affected.

CAPS staff members want you to know that we are committed to our students’ care and safety. We seek to be a safe space, now and always, where students can talk about fears, sadness, or concerns about discrimination, racism or harassment.

Call 402.472.7450 or stop by the CAPS office in the second floor of the University Health Center between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. to make an appointment. Walk-in appointments are available if you are in crisis. For after-hours crises, call 402.472.7450 to speak with a therapist.



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