Tips for Drinking Safely

By Kirsten Licht, MS, health promotions analyst

With the start of Husker football season, the end of a second successful week of classes and the upcoming holiday fast approaching this weekend, you might be planning ahead for how you’ll celebrate.

If your plans include consuming alcohol, remember these fast facts to keep yourself safe and healthy this weekend:

  1. Know your serving sizes. The proper portions are 1 oz. of 100 proof liquor, 5 oz. of table wine and 12 oz of beer or wine cooler
  2. Many drinks are poured into larger glasses, so you may be drinking more servings than perceived. Use this calculator to help you determine your drink size
  3. The alcohol percentage may vary by brand, so always check the label before you drink
  4. Always drink water in between alcoholic drinks
  5. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, so be sure to eat a protein-filled snack if you drink
  6. Watch what you are mixing with your alcohol. Avoid mixers with lots of sugar or caffeine
  7. If you are underage, know that violating the law can result in rescinded graduate school and job offers, fines, court costs, red flags on a background check and more. Learn more

Additional resources: 

If you’re ever concerned about your drinking habits, Counseling and Psychological Services can help. Call 402.472.5000 or visit our website to learn more about our alcohol services


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