Counseling and Psychological Services Statement: Coping With Recent School Shootings

By Belinda Hinojos, PhD, licensed psychologist, Latina/o outreach specialist

Counseling and Psychological Services staff members share with our University of Nebraska-Lincoln students the profound feelings of sadness and sorrow following another mass shooting in the country.

As we struggle to process these deeply troubling events, we acknowledge that many students may be struggling, as well. When these national tragedies occur, it is common to feel fear, frustration, anger, sadness and helplessness.

With such a tremendous loss of life, the impacts of these events reach across our country and communities. It is during these times that we should reach out to those in our support system. We are here to provide additional support if needed.

Students can call Counseling and Psychological Services at 402.472.5000 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to make an appointment or reach out to us in the evenings if in crisis. 

Here is a resource for students who would like to learn how they can manage distress in the aftermath of a school shooting:


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